Steps to Link & Activate Roku Device Subscription – Enter Product Code & Activate Roku

Download and activate the amazing streaming experience using subscription. Create a new or use your current account to proceed with the activation process. Moreover, the entire Roku activation procedure takes more time and effort. So do it smoothly with full utilities then you need to follow the below methods for

Roku & its premium utility?

Roku is a fantastic streaming tool, which provides the easiest way to stream all of your favourite channels to a TV and other devices. Accordingly, In the top bundle or Roku, you’ll have the ability to access over 5 Lac. Movies and tv episodes, such as free and paid features. Therefore, With these features, you’ll get the finest video quality which is likely to make your total streaming experience more pleasurable.

With Roku, you can view the latest films, all tv shows, web series and entertainment stations. Hence, Roku provides an entire package for kids and family films and shows together along with other stations since it has parent management features that give the parents complete attention to material their kids watching while accessing Roku link code.

Multiple Features & Models

Before you choose to buy a Roku device with subscription, then you must first learn more about its best characteristics and utilities.

01) It offers the attribute to watch multiple Roku channels along with streaming videos.

02) Using Roku is relatively easy, even children can use it without much hassle.

03) Users may easily subscribe to a monthly bundle depending on their convenience.

04) It supports exceptional image quality such as HD,4K along with HDR.

05) On the technical side of, it gives high-speed networking with both double and single rings.

06) You can use its remote as a voice remote.

07) It is possible to use it on tablets and smartphones.

roku link features and models

Roku device & Models

  • Roku Ultra, the premium featured streaming Participant
  • Streaming Stick- Reputable and Notable streaming media player.
  • Roku Premiere — Top picture quality with 4K and HDR streaming media player.
  • Premiere Plus- Affordable & supreme loading media participant
  • Roku Express- to get outstanding picture quality & HD streaming
  • Express Plus- Simple, Simple, dominant HDR streaming Player.

Nowadays you get to understand all of the features and unique utilities supplied by Roku. So, let us go to the activation procedure where you’ll have the ability to link the Roku subscription via readily.

Create a account

01) Open the Roku website or in any browser.

02) After that, click on the signup button and fill out all the details.

  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Create a strong passcode, try to use special characters Like (@#$%&*).

03) Now, add your payment methods(Any Debit or Credit Card).

04) After that, You can start syncing your channels and videos.

Find the Roku link activation code

01) Firstly, open a web browser on your device.

02) After that, login into your Roku account and fill your details.

03) Now, Goto the player section to view the link code.

04) After getting the Roku link code, open it on your device.

05) Then Enter the activation code and proceed.

06) Now, you have successfully got the Roku link code.

Activate Roku via

01) Once you get the Roku link code, write it down or remember it.

02) Then go to website in any browser.

03) After that, type the Roku link code and hit the submit button.

04) Then, The verification process will take a few seconds, and once completed, and it will display a success message.

05) Finally, Now you have successfully linked your Roku device or TV. code activate

Sync & Add you Favourite Roku channels

Following the Roku activation process, now time to sync your favourite channel into your Roku subscription. Search to locate the most entertaining Roku channels and add it on your Roku account. Roku has a wide variety of channel classes to trigger and include both the paid and free stations.

If your Roku tv or device not showing from the list attempts to upgrade, then sync channels again.

Final Words

I hope that the above methods will help you to activate your Roku top plan securely. But if you want to learn more about the Roku streaming device and other details. Then refer to my blog, which can get you more fundamental understanding for Roku Devices activation & setup or even it’s possible to get some useful troubleshooting measures.

Moreover, if you’ve still uncertain about the Roku activation procedure, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Roku support team at